For the last few days Twitter has been abuzz about Alain Delon appearing in TF1’s movie, “Un mari de trop.”

Nikolle created a beautiful video with both photos and the movie trailer.

The movie storyline from IMDB-     28 year old Stéphanie Vasseur feels like all her dreams have come true. Young, beautiful, and eager to succeed in life, she’s just been hired as the new editor-in-chief of the prestigious “GLAM” fashion magazine. She thinks she’s attained perfect happiness after the proposal of Grégoire de Rougemont, a well-bred lawyer. But there’s a problem: to get to where she is, Stéphanie lied about her past, her working class origins and the fact that she’s still married to her ex, Alex, who’s still in the North of France. Now, unbeknownst to Grégoire and his suspicious father, she must go back to Calais to finally divorce Alex. There, the region is in a crisis after the lace factory closed down, and face-to-face with her roots, Stéphanie starts to doubt the reason for which she returned.

Mr. Delon and Lorie discuss their work together in another video from Nikolle.

According to News de Stars  – Mr. Delon is appearing in the movie without any remuneration. “Alain Delon has been generous. The actor has played alongside Lorie free in the TV movie The Accidental Husband. One way to give a boost to the young woman.  His television appearances are always events and Alain Delon, this time, played without any remuneration. In fact, according to Tele-Loisirs, the actor has participated in TV movie to help Lorie in her acting career.”             Source- http://www.news-de-stars.com/alain-delon/alain-delon-n-039-a-pas-ete-remunere-pour-son-role-aux-cotes-de-lorie_art38979.html

Mr. Delon was interviewed in the October 9, 2010 TV Guide Magazine.

The superstar of French cinema, so rare on screens, came out of friendship join the cast of The Accidental Husband for TF1. Alain Delon will soon return to the theater with her daughter. First interview and exclusive images of the shooting.

Alain Delon, you play the role of the future father-in-Lorie Pester. What do you think of this young actress?

Lorie is friendly, beautiful without being ostentatious, she has “something”, a great personality, which is rare among young actresses today. It is powerful. In our scene, I felt alert, very present. She loves what she does and should continue on this path, it has all the qualities needed for a long acting career. I love her very much.

A word about your other partners?

The two boys adventure (Alexander Varga and Philippe Bas) are also very good. Alexander was playing my son, I found it great. Very talented, very beautiful, it’s a real player with multiple qualities.

You were one of the first movie stars to accept roles on television. What attracted you?

Television offers a different pace than the film, much faster. I often think with a bit of nostalgia, some actors of the time could not get used to the exercise, Gabin, for example. We had a very different way of working on the set. I knew immediately adapt, because I like working quickly. Shoot a film in twenty-three days does not bother me, however.

When are you going back on stage?

In the coming days, I start rehearsals for a typical day, Eric Assous, a play written for my daughter and me, an inspiring story about the relationship between a father and child. We’ll be playing in January at the Theatre des Bouffes-Parisiens, in Jean-Claude Brialy, who was my great friend. By respect, I wanted my daughter to her first home.

This is a project that you had at heart …

There are no words to express the happiness that this room gives me. Playing on stage with my daughter, I only think that. I feel I can stop everything after …




Alain Delon interviewed by Catherine Schwaab of Paris Match.

The actor fought in court for custody of his son Alain-Fabien, who wanted to join.


Paris Match. You seem to rediscover your son today. As if your daughter, Anouk, you had mobilized the entire date.
Alain Delon. You know the relationship of a father with his daughter! I had my daughter at 55. Finally a girl! Anouska was my miracle! Besides, her mother warned me that our son might suffer.

Alain-Fabien yet displays great confidence in him. It is even less shy than his sister …
Yes. He is more mature, more confident. “Nouch” is more introverted, more timid, this is a concern.

There she will play a play with Dad … Do you think it might have been embarrassed by your overinvestment on it?
No, she chose her fate, her career. I pushed a bit, okay, I took her to the Cannes Film Festival in Deauville … It is now more comfortable, she began to feel good about yourself. And she lives with a boy who chose the same area. She wants to make the trade of his father but with this reservation, this modesty that characterizes it. Besides, she said, as if to reassure himself, “if the room does not work I’ll do something else.”

Your son is more determined about his future, he!
Certainly! He wants to use his career to do business! Return on his fame! I was not thinking. With him, I expect everything. He is so brilliant!

Have not you been a little hard on him, sometimes?
Surely. We do not understand. I pic of crazy anger and I saw fear, he feared I go any further, while I’ve never touched. Well, I know what happens when I start to yell, I’m an actor. But when I blows a fuse, Alain-Fabien think it will be dramatic, I’ll break it into two … Today, it measures 1.84 meters, I would have a penalty! So I temper!

We talked about his drug problems in the newspapers because of an interview with his mother in a Dutch magazine …
We are not responsible for interviews with his mother …

You were surprised to learn that he was smoking joints?
Yes! In my time we did not know drugs.

You had to “flipping out” …
No! I told her morality. I explained the dangers. It has, I think, quite understand …

And you asked for and received custody of your son to take things in hand?
It was he who wanted to live with his father. I found that when my children were small, it was important that they live with their mother because I was often shooting. Today he wants to live with me. And it did not upset his mother who wanted to live his new life.

We learned that after his divorce from Alain Afflelou, she remarried this summer with Roberto Agostinelli, a banker. What does that inspire?
We are separated for ten years, she may remarry as she wants. What bothered me is that she got married without telling his children. It shocked me, and my children.

Yet she had a very close relationship with his children …
Yes. One morning, Alain-Fabien informed qu’Afflelou remarried. Tit for tat response: “Yes, I know, me too!” That’s how they have learned!

You want to send your son to boarding school in Switzerland to take distance from it all?
He needed an internship as Le Rosey to be framed, surrounded. I also wanted to snatch him from Paris, which is a negative place for him to cut some dating, what happens to the output of high schools …

Why Switzerland?
His mother wanted to send him to school “post-addiction” in Colorado in Aspen. I said: “No question is too far.” Switzerland is next door, easy access, and there are several of the best schools in the world. I was afraid it was not accepted because, with his schooling, his results, it was not won. I went to see the directors two weeks before school starts, then you must register three or four months before. We waited and hoped for a disclaimer: there are 50 nationalities at Le Rosey. Luckily, there was one. Alain-Fabien has been accepted in extremis. And it was not a piston, Alain Delon, they do not care. I also approached another school near Lausanne.




A lot of readers search for news about Alain Delon’ children. Over the years Mr. Delon and his daughter, Anouchka, have been seen at film premiers and several times at Cannes . In 2003, Mr. Delon and Anouchka acted together in a television movie, “The Lion.”

Alain Delon and Anouchka, 19, will begin rehearsals on Monday, October 6, 2010 for a play which will open in January.

I chose this undated photo of Anouchka because it shows her beautiful eyes one of which is blue and the other brown. Click on photo to enlarge  the picture.

Anouchka Delon

According to lematin.ch –

For 100 performances starting in mid-January, they will share the poster for “An ordinary day,” unpublished play by Eric Assous, which evokes a father and daughter struggling.

Directed by Bernard Murat, the piece will be played at the Bouffes-Parisiens, the theater of Jean-Claude Brialy, who was one of the closest friends of the actor.

In 2007, Alain Delon Mireille Darc had returned to the theater in a film adaptation of “On the road to Madison.” The following year he was playing at the Theatre de la Madeleine in “Love Letters” alongside Anouk Aimee.

Anouchka Delon was born from the union of the actor with Rosalie van Breemen.



Alain Delon Paris Auto Show 9/30/10

Alain Delon attended Paris’ world auto show on September 30, 2010. That’s all I know. If you know any more details please leave a comment. Thank you.

Ari Boulogne is Alive

The rumor that Ari Boulogne was dead zipped around the internet on September 28, 2010.

Christian Aaron "Ari" Boulogne

Pure People is reporting that Ari is alive.

from Pure People-

The photographer Ari Boulogne, whose real name Christian Aaron Boulogne, 48, is the son of the German singer Nico (Velvet Underground’s figurehead) and the supposed son of Alain Delon.

One who was raised by the mother of Alain Delon, has always claimed to be the son of French star, who has never yet recognized.

For several hours, announcing his death sordid rumors circulating on the Net. Rest assured, these are just false information. Ari is going well. We have attached a very close member of his entourage and we confirmed that Ari was alive.

While it is true that he wanted to step back towards public life to devote himself to his job as a photographer and his family, he no longer wishes to communicate … but kiss you!



Alain Delon has been fighting for custody of his youngest son, Alain-Fabien.

Details  of the struggle were reported-

Alain Delon with son, Alain-Fabien August 8, 2010



Alain Delon’s Fight for Alain-Fabien September 16, 2010


Alain-Fabien Delon, Anne Goscinny, Alain Delon and Anouchka at the Paris premier for ‘Asterix aux jeux olympiques.’

On September 28, 2010 Pure People reported

Wednesday, September 15 last, we’ll Relations Alain Delon was deep in the heart of the legal battle between his ex-wife Rosalie Van Breemen, mother of his two youngest children, Anouk, nearly 20 years, and Alain-Fabien , 16.

VSD magazine revealed the information that the parents of the youngest (now in a difficult period), were in dispute about custody of the teenager.

Seized by the lawyers of the famous actor, the family court of the Paris court reviewed the file, and even hired a psychologist who has made an assessment of the conflict and the wishes of everyone.

At the end of last week, it delivered its verdict and decided that Alain-Fabien, schooled since the start of school in Switzerland in a private institute of international repute, was now the responsibility of his father. Of course, the mother – who remarried this summer with the Italian-American banker Agostinelli – keeps a tight access and half the holidays.



Mireille Darc and Alain Delon September 2010

from Pure People-

Mireille Darc, 72, and Alain Delon, 74, have shared their lives for fifteen years and have remained friends. Thus, during the campaign of Life, whose godmother is actress for two years, the latter asked the Cheetah to join her in an advertisement touching.

To underline their commitment and encourage public support for elderly patients, they filmed a sequence warm, tender and full of emotion, distributed free of charge by all branches of the group France Televisions from 29 September.

Camera in hand, the bound Mireille Darc (also director) filmed her playing partner and life, while showing him gratitude for his daily support. The operation, launched by the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France, aims to educate viewers as to surround the elderly patients, often abandoned by their relatives.

Note that on 10 October, a special program will take on France 3 at 20.35, hosted by Michel Drucker, in the presence of Bernadette

Chirac (President of the Foundation), Mireille Darc and Alain Delon. Will follow, three days later, a charity football match in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Discover without further delay the advertisement of Life and the behind the scenes!



Nikolle posted a copy of the video with Mireille Darc and Alain Delon. Thanks Nikolle!

more pictures and video-


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