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Anouchka and Alain Delon March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011, Maison Perrier-Jouet celebrated its bicentennial, the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Guests from around the world were invited to the event.

With a night off from their play, Alain Delon and his daughter, Anouk, attended. Other guests included Jerry Hall and Catherine Deneuve.

Guests were able to discover in the atrium of Fine Arts, the photo exhibition of the famous Studio Harcourt had ten portraits of personalities, “illustrious examples of intergenerational transmission” announces the release of the house. They then attended a dinner designed by chef Jean-Louis Nomicos.

Jerry Hall & Alain Delon March 21, 2011












source- http://www.purepeople.com/article/alain-et-anouchka-delon-jerry-hall-et-georgia-may-quatuor-glamour-au-sommet_a76472/1




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Annie Girardot, a versatile French actress who played the doomed Milanese streetwalker in Luchino Visconti’s “Rocco and His Brothers” and, moving easily from drama to comedy, became France’s most popular actress of the 1970s, died on Monday in Paris. She was 79.

Girardot performed in more than 100 films and won France’s coveted Cesar award three times — in 1976 for best actress for her role in Jean-Louis Bertuccelli’s “Doctor Francoise Gailland,” for supporting actress for “Les Miserables” in 1995 and for supporting actress for her role as the possessive mother of a musician in Michael Haneke’s “Le Pianiste” in 2001.

Ms. Girardot had been treated for Alzheimer’s disease for nearly a decade and for the last two years had lived in a Paris nursing home. In France, she became the public symbol of the disease, and her daughter and granddaughter kept the public informed of her decline.

source- http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/02/movies/02girardot.html?scp=1&sq=Annie%20Girardot&st=cse

French actor Alain Delon leaves Saint Roch church after the funeral of the late French actress Annie Girardot in Paris March 4, 2011. 

source- http://www.daylife.com/photo/0f279K91eYaUZ?q=Alain+Delon

Many thanks to Nnikolle for sending this link to a video of news coverage of the funeral.


Lainconnu  created  this beautiful,  poignant tribute to Annie.

Lainconnu also created this powerful homage.

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Alain Delon is scheduled to be the guest of honor in a live broadcast of the annual ceremony of the “TV Star.” The event will be held at the Opera House in Kiev on February 27, 2011. According to sources Delon will stay just a day in the city.

Reports suggest that that after arriving  Delon will rest in the room at the 5-star hotel Hyatt before the evening event where he will receive his award. It is expected that fans will be able to get a signature of Delon if the Opera House arranges an autograph session.

In 2008 Mr. Delon was invited to  Kiev for the festival “Youth” but had to cancel his visit at the last minute. We hope these words from our source come true this year- “The legendary 75-year-old French actor Alain Delon is going to visit Kiev.”


Source- http://en.ura-inform.com/culture/2011/02/17/delon?nocache


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Here’s a story of serendipity.  Today I was reading about the Grammy Award Show to be aired February 13, 2011. I was checking  to see who will be performing. I learned that tonight will be Mick Jagger’s first in-person Grammy appearance. Thinking about Mick led me to look for some information about him. In the course of that pursuit I discovered this photo of Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull and Alain Delon. Total serendipity!

Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull and Alain Delon

While the photo is undated it was probably circa 1968 when Mr. Delon and Ms Faithfull worked together in La Motocyclette.

I am always excited to find photos of Mr. Delon that I haven’t seen before. This photo raises so many question- Where would the three of them have been together? What are Marianne and Alain looking at? What is Mick thinking?  Is Mr. Delon wearing a wedding ring? Wasn’t he divorced by that time?

I have also concluded that like Kevin Bacon we are never more than a few degrees away from Alain Delon!





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Alain Delon and Elise Servier Feb 10, 2011

Alain Delon and Elise Servier Feb 10, 2011

Brigitte Bardot’s tribute to Maria Schneider was read by Alain Delon at Maria’s funeral in Paris on February 10, 2011. Maria died on February 3 at the age of 58 after a long illness. Brigitte Bardot, in whom the actress had found a confidante and who called her every Sunday, described Maria’s insurgent “who had found her” mother “.

Elise Servier (see photos) is currently starring in  A typical day with Mr. Delon.

Alain Delon at Maria Schneider's funeral Feb 10, 2011

While Maria Schneider may be best known world wide for her work in Bernardo Bertulucci’s Last Tango in Paris (1972) with Marlon Brando,  her first film was with Brigitte Bardot in the film Les femmes (1969). In the same year she appeared in Terence Young’s L’arbre de Noël. Her next movie was Madly with Alain Delon and Mireille Darc in 1970.

Thanks to Lainconnu for sharing the link for this poignent tribute to Maria-





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Sandra Mézière  has given Delon fans a wonderful gift. She shares her experience of attending the opening night of “An ordinary day.”

She begins: “Tonight at the Theatre des Bouffes Parisians (not coincidentally, this theater was owned by Jean-Claude Brialy, a good friend of Alain Delon) has held the first of the play “An ordinary day.” A play that portrays Alain Delon has anyway nothing ordinary and the title already, is a delicate irony. This is not ordinary because Tancred, Roch Siffredi, Jeff Costello, Corey, Robert Klein, Roger Sartet, Gino … a whole piece of film history that accompanies them has immortalized. This is not ordinary because Delon is only the seventh time in the theater. This is not ordinary because this play was written by Eric Assous at the request of Delon for his daughter Anouk.”

"Une journée ordinaire" January 21, 2011

I tried to excerpt other parts of her column. However, you need to read the article in its entirety to get the full effect of experiencing opening night.

Her cycle of Delon includes many intersting posts well worth reading. Her account of  attending the screening of Visconti’s “The Leopard” at Cannes with Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale and Martin Scorsese is riviting reading.



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It’s difficult to keep up with all the interviews Alain Delon is giving to promote his new play, An Ordinary Day. Elizabeth Perrin’s interview with Mr. Delon was posted on tvmag.com. In the interview Mr. Delon comments on rehearsals, stage fright and  love before the play’s opening. Ms Perrin noted, “The actor has never seemed so happy.”

Alain and Anouchka rehearse Une Journee Ordinaire

When asked how rehearsals are going-

“Very, very well. Ten days after the first, we are ready. I do not make me worry, Anouchka is exceptional! At age 12, when she played with me in the adaptation of the Lion, Kessel, France 2, she was already very good. At age 20, is the apotheosis!”

Concerning anxiety or stage fright-

“If, of course I am worried because qu’Anouchka, she has stage fright. She is afraid to meet face to the public in this great hall of the theater Bouffes-Parisiens. And I understand it, the scene is very impressive. The audience is there, close to you … It has nothing to do with television. But I am sure everything will be okay. Anouchka is just great!”

And, outside of your daughter, is there someone else in your life that you love?

“(Laughter.) No, not yet … I dedicate myself to the room first. We’ll see.”

Read entire interview at



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